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RIB Safaris are the choice for the more adventurous who want a faster pace. Our RIBs can each carry 12 passengers and are equipped with super charged outboards which really pack a punch, modern 4 stroke engine technology makes for quiet running with low emissions. Hold on to your hats and feel the G-force as we accelerate away, skimming the water and riding over the waves; our skippers can ramp up the excitement or tone it down at your request!


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, RIB tours are not suitable for dogs. If you want to bring your dog please take a look at one of our cruises.

No, there is not a toilet on the RIBs.

The RIBs are open boats, while most people do stay dry it’s always best to prepare yourself for some spray, don’t bring anything you don’t need (especially expensive handbags…..) but if you do want to bring a camera we have got a small dry locker on the boat, but make sure you have a suitable case/bag.

You are welcome to bring your belongings on the boat, please make sure you have a suitable bag or case especially for cameras, any items you do bring on any of our boats are at your own risk, we will not take any responsibility should they get wet, damaged or broken.

You are welcome to bring your camera on the RIBs but make sure you have a suitable protective bag or case, it can be stowed in a locker until we stop at the island.

Any equipment you bring on the boats is at your own risk, we will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

RIB tours are not suitable for very young children, please contact us if you have children under 5 so we can try and tailor a trip to suit your group.

It is not advisable to take a RIB trip if you are pregnant.

Access is limited on the RIBs, you must be able to sit astride a jockey seat, hold onto handrails and follow the skipper's instructions to take a RIB trip. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements prior to booking.

The main season is between April and October, we try and sail daily from 11am (or earlier by prior arrangement) but please check for specific times either on the online booking page or by phone before making a journey to come and see us.

For trips between November and March, private charters and large groups please contact us.

Our RIBs each have a license to carry 11 passengers (and 1 crew).

We will only operate if it is safe to do so. Often if conditions do not allow us get to Puffin Island there may still be an option to sail in the Menai Straits as it is more sheltered. In certain conditions you may get a little wet so please ask on the day. If you are making a special journey please make sure you call to check your sailing before setting out. Our round Anglesey cruises are the most weather dependant, we’ll always do our best to take you, but in certain conditions it’s just not possible to do it safely, in those circumstances if it’s possible we’ll run a cruise of the same duration wherever it’s most sheltered.

If you have a specific health problem that concerns you with regard to taking a boat trip then just let us know, but generally if you feel well enough to go it should be fine.

If you have back problems the RIB is probably not a good idea, a cruise is probably more suitable, also pick a calm day to go.

All our vessels fully conform to the MCA codes and licensing and carry all the necessary safety equipment. All vessels carry appropriately sized lifejackets and life rafts for all passengers.

Before boarding the RIBs you will be issued with a lifejacket which you must wear for the duration of your trip.


From our first enquiry by email to today our trip, excellent service. James our skipper was very informative and lovely. The trip was brilliant, our grandchildren love it, as did we all, a truly great day out and will definitely be going again.

sueejones102 (TripAdvisor)

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