History & Team

History of the Company

Seacoast Safaris was set up in 2014 and although a brand-new business, it amalgamated a small part of another business known as Beaumaris Marine Services. From modest beginnings with one passenger boat, the Company has now grown to be the third biggest passenger carrying boat company in Wales after Stena and Irish Sea Ferries. We have two passenger cruising boats which can accommodate up to 104 people and 3 RIBs, each licensed to carry up to 12 passengers. Having a combination of different vessels we have been able over the last 5 seasons to accommodate entire families with different appetites for adventure or relaxation. Young, old, 4 legged (dogs welcome but no cats, horses or sheep...) great for the wildlife enthusiast, the adrenaline junkie, the amateur historian, photographers and those who just love being out on the water... it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Over the past 5 seasons we’ve looked after just under a hundred thousand customers and as you can see from our reviews, the vast majority seem to have quite enjoyed themselves! In the next few seasons we intend to carry on doing what we’re doing and striving to give our customers a great all-round experience.

Hope to see you soon!

The Seacoast Team

Nad & Scott (in order of importance...) - Owner/Skippers

Nad is often mistaken for Scott’s daughter or occasionally his much younger wife, neither is true although you’d be excused for thinking that when Nad is explaining to Scott that he is WRONG. Nad & Scott have been friends for nearly 2 decades, a shared love of SCUBA diving introduced the partners when Nad was studying marine biology at the University of Wales Bangor. At the time, Scott was running his own diving company with his wife Helen, the current Mrs Waterman. Scott also introduced Nad to her husband Gerallt, a single mate of his who he felt was far too happy and carefree. Over the years they’ve been involved in various diving projects and adventures, marine businesses, publications and books and between them have an unrivalled knowledge of the Anglesey coastline above and below the water, so you can feel confident that any questions or queries will be satisfactorily answered (if they don’t know they’ll just make something up...)

It’s a family affair, you’ll often see Nad’s kids out on the boats enthusiastically pointing out the wildlife or trying to sell some of our charity merchandise to the unsuspecting customer (see the ethics page for more details on our charity fundraising). Scott couldn’t have been prouder last year (2018) than when his son Jake took to the helm and was ‘head of RIBs’ for Seacoast Safaris before heading off to John Moores University after being awarded a full scholarship from Trinity House to study a degree in Nautical Science. Hopefully if his leave allows it, he will join us again this summer.

James ‘Seacock’ Williams – Skipper

Scott & Nad often refer to James as their spare son and he’s certainly brought a roller-coaster of emotions just like a real one in the early years. James has been with us in one capacity or another since the start in 2014. He’s got the sea flowing through his veins and in fairness has an exceptional ability to manoeuvre anything that floats or drives over land (not sure about things that hover, we must test that soon, watch this space...) James is a qualified RYA instructor, Boat Master, Diver, Sailor, in fact the only thing he doesn’t have any ability to do is fill in a timesheet...

Hayden ‘The Boy’ Roberts - Skipper

Again Hayden has been helping us out on his days off since the start in 2014 and from this year he’s decided to throw away his promising career as a chef to ‘work’ full time with us at Seacoast Safaris. Hayden has grown up around boats and is another one with the sea in his blood. Since 17 years of age he’s been an active member of the Beaumaris lifeboat crew and is currently completing the final stages of lifeboat helm qualification.

Paula ‘Lady of the kiosk’ Jones

Paula is the friendly face of the company, who many of you will meet at the kiosk or speak to on the phone before setting foot on the boats. Paula also looks after all of our administration and accounts and is the one who constantly tries and fails to stop Scott and Nad spending money on more and more boats and toys, although she’s more than happy to allow us to invest in a staff party or three...

As well as the core staff mentioned above, we have a fantastic young team (not you Graeme) of talented and dedicated crew, sales staff and RIB drivers (not you Graeme) who help us create this fun, exciting and safe environment for our customer’s enjoyment as well as our own. We look forward to welcoming new energetic and enthusiastic people to join our motley crew (not the band Graeme).

11/2 hour cruise round puffin island

What a lovely experience cruising down the Menai Strait to Puffin Island and lighthouse. Constant commentary on what around and the wild life. Very enjoyable would go again.

Stephen L (TripAdvisor)

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