RIB trips and boat cruises on the Menai Strait, North Wales

Environment & Ethics

OK let’s get this straight from the start, Seacoast Safaris is a privately-owned commercial business and in order to continue trading needs to be profitable. All that said we do genuinely care about the environment, people and creatures that live on this planet. With this in mind we are continuously working to lessen our impact on the environment we rely on for our livelihood, whilst channelling some of the income from our business back into projects supporting those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Puffin Island or travel along the beautiful North Wales coastline you’ll appreciate that this stunning and wildlife rich environment has to be one of the best places in the world. Having our business based in this stunning location and working on the water on a day to day basis, we are acutely aware of both the fragility and beauty of nature and mankind’s real and potential impact.

Since its formation Seacoast Safaris business has been expanding and increasing the number of vessels and staff year on year. Throughout this growth Seacoast Safaris have continuously worked to improved it’s green credentials, here are some of the ways we are working towards doing this.

  • Carbon offsetting
  • Local suppliers and contractors in the construction and maintenance of all our vessels
  • New low emission engines on all our boats
  • Solar & wind powered booking kiosk
  • Reducing the use of plastics throughout the company
  • Online booking systems reducing paper and ink consumption

Last year our boat trip operations produced 144.59 tonnes of CO2 which we chose to offset through ClimateCare, so we are at the time of writing the only boat operator in North Wales who can offer climate neutral boat trips. The way carbon offsetting works in the words of ClimateCare “In simple terms, offsetting one tonne of carbon means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been. It is the fastest way to achieve emissions reductions and the only way to achieve carbon neutrality.” To find out even more please visit www.climatecare.org.

No business can operate without a carbon footprint. Having reduced what we could as a responsible businesses we have chosen to offset the remaining, unavoidable emissions. Obviously this costs us a few quid but we feel it’s worth it and by being the first to set this good example, we hope that other local businesses will follow suit.

Possibly the most helpful company I have ever dealt with.

We made a booking with over 40 people of mixed ages and one disabled. They telephoned to notify us of poor weather and even suggested alternative venues/ activities. Our party wished to continue as the weather was improving. When we arrived they did all they could to help and accommodate everyone.

The views and journey was stunning with a very informative commentary. If only every company was so refreshingly helpful and accommodating.

alexander R (TripAdvisor)

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