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Welcome to Seacoast Safaris... Departing from the Beautiful Anglesey coastal town of Beaumaris, with nature cruises , sightseeing cruises and a relaxing family day out we have it covered!

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As Beaumaris’ number one attraction, situated on the banks of the Menai Straits in the eastern most corner of Anglesey, we are perfectly positioned to offer the 'Greenest', most  scenic and wildlife packed boat trips. Our company ethos is all about experiencing nature and wildlife in its natural habitat and ensuring the best wildlife encounters with minimal disturbance. We believe in bringing people closer to the very best of Anglesey’s wildlife.


HVO - low carbon, low emission biofuel
We are proud to be one of the Greenest boat operators in the UK. Despite the significant increased operating costs we use a second generation biofuel called HVO for the bulk of our trips. HVO is a low carbon, low emission, fossil-free and sustainable alternative to conventional diesel. The use of HVO fuel reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

Seacoast Cruises are suitable for the whole family (including the dog) with cruises lasting from one hour to a whole day charter; so make the clean, green choice and join us in ‘Exploring Wild Wales’.


Puffin Island Cruise

With thousands of passengers each year it’s easy to see why this is such a popular choice. A leisurely 80 minutes on-board Neptune Explorer taking in some wonderful scenery and landmarks including Penmon Lighthouse and plenty of wildlife. Puffin Island is a bird sanctuary and a nesting site for many species of breeding seabirds and a resident colony of Atlantic Grey Seals. Read more about Puffin Island here.

Puffin Island Cruises

Puffin Island Plus

This extended Puffin Island Cruise lasts around 100 minutes on-board Supanova or Salacia. With reduced passenger numbers and increased cruising speed you’ll get out to the Island in good time with plenty of space to relax. Your skipper/guide will find the best place to spend that extra time to explore further for that extra special experience. Read more about Puffin Island here.

Coastal Cruises North Wales

Best of Puffin Island & Menai Strait

A double cruise lasting around two hours, this cruise takes in all the best bits of our Puffin Island and Menai Strait routes. On-board Supanova or Salacia with fewer passengers on-board, more space and increased cruising speed. This cruise offers all the wildlife, spectacular scenery and amazing architecture with the route passing through ‘The Swillies’ and under both bridges too. Read more about Puffin Island here and about the Menai Strait here.

Menai Strait Cruises

Private Charters

Want to treat yourself? Treat your family? Or are you planning a special event? We’ve made Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and family get-togethers that bit more special with a Private Charter. As the highlight of your holiday or that little extra that makes your special day one to remember you can privately charter one of our boats from one hour to a whole day. Read more about Private Charters here.

Private Charters - Cruises Anglesey

Safety First

While it is all about fun and fantastic wildlife encounters you just need to know that at Seacoast Safaris we are all maritime professionals with many years' experience between us. We've always been ahead of the game with our safety policies and all our vessels are always up to spec with the maritime safety legislation requirements. A regular maintenance schedule, and continual cycle of upgrades and improvements keep our vessels not only safe and reliable but also helps to improve our 'green' credentials too. We have been working to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the years using renewable energy where we can such as solar in our ticket kiosk and the use of HVO as a diesel replacement on our boats has reduced CO2 emissions by up to 90%. Our licensing and safety documentation is available for you to view or download, please click below for further information.

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